Body Parts is a jewelry and design business focused on waste reduction through the use of found objects and repurposed materials. Our jewelry emphasizes our relationship to waste and the planet; how we interact with it personally and systemically and who we center in the fight for climate justice. 

Many of you may remember us as Grey Jays Jewelry. In 2020 we made the decision to rebrand and rename with the intention of instilling the sustainable practices of Grey Jays with the ever-evolving knowledge of sustainability and ethics. Knowledge gained through the teachings and sharing of those communities most affected by the climate crisis; Black and Indigenous People of Color, People of Color and low income communities. 

We are living in a climate crisis and like it, the planet’s waste problem is a colonial-made issue. One that is disproportionately caused by one community while disproportionately affecting another. 

51.1% of waste generated in the US ended up in landfills in 2018 (EPA).

Greenhouse gases generated by landfills deplete the ozone layer and pollute the air, soil and water - creating health issues for at-risk communities (The Slow Factory).

Half of the people who live within 1.86 miles of waste facilities in the United States are people of color (Center for American Progress).

Black communities absorb approximately 1.5 times the air pollution of the US population. White communities are exposed to 17% less pollution than they are responsible for producing through their consumption of goods and services (National Geographic). 

to design and create long-lasting jewelry that reduces our impact on the earth and stands in solidarity with those most impacted by the the climate crisis. 

Fluid design: we make jewelry that stands out both in its look and design process. We steer away from trends and seasons to create pieces to last you through every chapter of life. 

Circularity: our mission is not to reuse materials that contribute to the continuation of mass production, but to utilize waste as a resource (term coined by Céline Semaan of The Slow Factory) and our jewelry as a conversation starter to begin the dismantling of harmful systems. 

Solidarity: we create with those most impacted by the climate crisis in mind and give credit where it is due. Reuse is a way of living set by Black and Brown and low income communities out of necessity and mutual respect for the planet. We are not activists; we are here to amplify those who are doing the work in and for their communities. 

Accountability: at Body Parts, we recognize the privileges and power that we hold in society. While we work to learn and dismantle the harmful constructs that exist in our world, we understand that we will make mistakes along the way. We believe that together through transparency, accountability and study we can all contribute to an equitable fashion industry and world.


Aside from our fine metal wire (learn more below) used for chain, ear wire and accents we use all found and repurposed materials in the creation of our jewelry. Much of our time is spent scouring city streets, gathering scrap from local businesses and searching for other discarded materials. We do not however pick up objects on a whim, we take only what we can use to make our pieces and properly dispose of any waste we cannot utilize as to not leave it as litter on the earth. We take the time to get to know the material from its history, social and environmental impacts and whether it can be repurposed in a safe and planet friendly way. 

From aluminum cans picked up on the street and rubber fringe from a busted bungee cord found in a city alley to vintage brass sourced from a discarded fireplace frame and scrap hardwood from a soon to be thrown out chair, we are always looking for ways to keep things from the landfill and open societies eyes to the limb that is waste. You can learn more about the materials used and how to care for your Body Parts in our Product Care page.

We purchase and utilize Argentium Silver to accompany all Body Parts pieces. In 2019, we made the switch to Argentium as a more sustainable product that is both affordable to us and the customer. While silver is circular in that it can be recycled over and over, unfortunately there is no such thing as ethical silver mining. Mining silver ore has devastating impacts on the environment and the health of the workers mining it. Argentium is created from recycled silver that can be traced back to the source and uses approximately 5% of the resources and energy it takes to create new silver. 

Other benefits of Argentium:

Tarnish free

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial (no irritated ears)


Body Parts is based in Boise, Idaho and made up of founder and designer Lindsey Antram (she/her) and her life and business partner Mike Lambuth (he/him). 

Lindsey spends hours finding the materials used in the jewelry she designs and creates in the Body Parts studio. She is the main voice behind the images on our social media platforms and runs all creative and social-driven collaborations. You can contact her for questions, collaborations or to say hello at lindsey@bodyparts.us

Mike assists in material sourcing, design and handles the day to day of Body Parts including repairs, returns, material buybacks, shipping and more. You can contact him for any of the above at mike@bodyparts.us